Welcome to the website of Mara Amberly, author of the artistic poetry compilations, Enchanting Whispers, Romantic Dreams; and Feathers, Dreams and Faerie Wings. She has recently released Fire and Gold, the first book of the new fantasy series, 'Sisters of the North'. Mara is currently working on the second book of the series, as well as a new sci-fi/fantasy novel, A Key to Worlds.

An Update on Most Things

I've been a bit slow in responding here, for which I apologise. I've been busy with book promotions, and working on the books I'll publish next. I mentioned Silk and Earth some time ago (the follow up to Fire and Gold), and I'm currently writing it. I also have plans to write a book after it, entitled Aspect Seraphine, which will be a cyberpunk fantasy. I commissioned a cover for it, and it looks very nice. I also created the cover for Silk and Earth, as well as map content for inside the book.

One of the promotions I took part in recently was for A Key to Worlds, and as a part of it you can read an author interview with me here.

At the moment I have a promotion on for Fire and Gold, and it's available free from Amazon until the 21st July. You can download it from here. It's currently in the top #100 on the free tab of Amazon.com for metaphysical & visionary (#22), epic fantasy (#51), and sword & sorcery (#52).

In addition to this, I'm currently working on a new Mara Amberly web site. Hopefully it won't take me too much longer than a month or so, but it's currently under construction, and when it's done I'll change over this site to the new one.

Thanks for following, and I aim to have some cover reveals and information on release dates for you soon.

A Friend's New Book

I have an author friend - Benjamin Medrano, who I know through two writing sites now, and he's recently released his first novel, Ancient Ruins. He writes fantasy just as I do, and his book has done incredibly well. He wrote a post discussing (and promoting) Fire and Gold, which he reviewed, and I want to return the favour.

I gave Ancient Ruins 5 stars when I reviewed it on Amazon. First of all, it's a long novel - I'd say at least twice as long as Fire and Gold. It was the characterization that first caught me and kept me reading, and Ancient Ruins has distinct character archetypes and personalities, and a detailed, complex yet interesting plot that are quite simply wonderful.

The one area where I saw possible improvement was with its editing and general smoothing over of the writing. However, I believe it's since been re-edited. I gave it 5/5 because I enjoyed it that much and I'm not the only one. I'm waiting for the next book in the series now, and I'm curious to see what becomes of the characters, especially Sistina and Phynis.

You can find it here on Amazon and I encourage you to check it out. :) You can also find his blog here. Thanks for reading.

New Promotional Design for Mara Amberly's Books

I've released a new design on Redbubble that lists my books, and features a forest floral design. It's available on t-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, and other merchandise. You can find it here on my Redbubble page.

A Key to Worlds Now Available on Amazon

I have some great news. I've now released the Kindle edition of A Key to Worlds on Amazon.

You can find it here on Amazon.com and here on Amazon.co.uk.

I hope you enjoy it.

Anyone interested in fairly reviewing it for your blog, please drop me a line.

Book Announcement & Title Change

I have news and a reveal of the most up to date cover for my new book, A Key to Worlds.

This is the same book as Pandora's Future, but I decided to change the title, as it better captures the feeling of the book as a whole. Pandora is a character in one of the two plot arcs of the book; the other major character is Nessa, who possesses an ability to open gateways between worlds.

I'll be releasing it reasonably soon, once I've finished my most recent edit. I won't say 2-3 weeks but that's the timeframe I'm currently aiming for. I think you're going to enjoy it. :)

Finding New Fonts and Awesome Things

There's this thing they say about authors - when we're not getting our writing done, we might be re-arranging our stationery or finding a new font. I have been writing (working on Silk and Earth, and other content unrelated to my books), but I've also found a lot of new fonts that I like lately and Photoshop layer styles online that I can use to illustrate my book covers. I typically create the covers, images (including character images) and maps myself, and it's become apparent to me as I've become better at using Photoshop and learned more about writing, art and publishing, that I want to increase the quality of what I'm creating. It's become more necessary too in the marketplace, because a lot of people will overlook books if they don't have an excellent cover or their covers appear amateurish (even though that might not be a reflection of the quality of writing at all). It's becoming tougher out there so it's more necessary for self-publishers to up their game.

I've re-jigged the cover of Pandora's Future multiple times and I'm still not 100% satisfied with my font choices, though I like it better now than I did before. Lately I've accumulated quite a few and I have my eye on The Birthday Bundle from fontbundles.net. There are a few fonts in there that I like in particular, but I'm especially fond of the Aventurine Scriptine and the Kayleigh font. I think the Aventurine Scriptine would look especially nice on Pandora's Future for the title, so that's more or less a plan at this stage (at least to see how it looks). The Olivia script and Pepper Hands are also quite beautiful and I could see them working well on book covers. In the Sisters of the North series, I feel like updating the fonts for Silk and Earth (away from those used on Fire and Gold), but I also want them to appear similar across the series of books, and so I'm aiming to keep the ones I have until at least book 3.

I'm planning to withdraw Her Gypsy Promise and Diary of a Harbinger in the near future, and perhaps re-release them as part of a much larger collection of short stories with a fantasy theme. I'll be re-designing them including the cover at that time.

Kindle Countdown Deal - Fire and Gold Until Nov 19th

I'll have a Kindle Countdown deal running for Fire and Gold from Nov 12th to 19th 2016. If you're thinking of picking up the book then this might be a good time. It's on sale on:

Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/2fqkyi6
Amazon.co.uk: http://amzn.to/2fLaO5f

Another Review Posted I'd Like to Share

I'm happy to say my book got another good review, posted by Confessions of a Bibliophile/CaedysLibrary on Blogspot and Goodreads. :D You can find it here. I have to say it's fun reading reviews of your books. A little nerve-wracking but that's okay. :D

A Review of Fire and Gold

JP on Gaming has posted a new and indepth review of Fire and Gold that can be found here on his Blogspot page.

It's really fascinating as an author to read reviews of your book/s, and I enjoyed reading this review. Feel free to check it out and if you've read Fire and Gold (or another of my books), I'm always happy and curious to hear what you thought of it.

Some Exciting News. :D

I finally finished my draft of Pandora's Future. I still have editing and proofreading (and mapmaking!) ahead, so it will take a while before it's ready to publish, but it's well on its way to getting there. :D

I'm going to be focusing on this one for the next month and then dedicating more time to Silk and Earth, which will be book 2 of the Sisters of the North series.

A New Etsy Store and Pandora's Future Update

Thanks to everyone who has picked up copies of Fire and Gold, as well as my other books.

I have a couple of announcements. First of all I'm excited to announce that I opened my new Etsy Store called Sapphire X Designs, where I'll be selling some of my jewellery and artwork that I create, as well as quite possibly other things. I have some of my handmade jewellery on there at the moment and I'll be adding more items soon. I've also added more artwork to my Redbubble Page, where it can be bought on merchandise.

I've been working on Pandora's Future and I currently have 47,464 words written. :) I've partially mapped out the story world too, so I think when I publish Pandora's Future you should hopefully enjoy the combination of writing and artwork.
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